What is Self Development

What is Self Development

Asking the question

Asking the question: what is self development? is crucial to understanding exactly what will be going on in the mind before, after and during your transformation.

This question is a psychological one, where you must be motivated for change, and able to be a critic of yourself.

The Dictionary Definition

*Self Development is taking steps to better yourself, such as learning new skills or overcoming bad habits.

*Efforts toward self-fulfillment, either through formal study programs or on one’s own.

*Development of one’s capabilities or potentialities.


What is Self Development to Me?

You have decided to grab the steering wheel of life and drive, your future is in your hands. I know you’re tired of taking the bus everywhere when I say the “bus”.

I mean mass transit, the popular way of doing things. Being content with your current situations, because everyone else is okay with just being there. Stuck being their level-one self.

You jumped off that bus because you have your own drivers license. Your an individual with your own car, and you can drive wherever you like.

You don’t have to just ride to the place that everyone goes on the bus route. The driver’s license represents you just being an individual.

Not the same as every everyone else, some people are better than you at some things and you are better than the average person at some things too!

Some of us have just known all through life what we are good at and know what tools are our best tools.

Some of us just have not found what that thing is. It doesn’t have to be just one thing, there can be many things you are good at.

Let’s figure it out together. The following questions are meant to help you put all the cards on the table. This needs to be done because if we want to grow we at least need to know where we stand.

Be honest with yourself when you answer the following questions, your only fooling yourself…


*What are my strengths and weaknesses? (be serious, and critical of yourself)

*What areas of my life would be better if I used my strengths/talents more efficiently?

*What can I do to be more efficient with my strength/talents?

*What areas of my life would be better if I were to improve in the areas where I am weak?

*How can I improve in those areas where I am weak? 


Science shows that when you go the gym the muscles in your body tear, but after the muscle fibers are repaired via rest they become bigger and stronger. This like taking your mind to a gym “mental fitness training”

Let’s level up on this topic a bit more…let’s talk about that driver’s license again…

“Car of Life

I don’t know how much experience you have driving, but I know to be a good driver you need to be aware. Aware of your car, what it is doing, how fast you are going, and if you are staying in the lane.

Aware of the traffic behind you as your maneuvers you make can affect the traffic behind you. All while being cognizant of the traffic ahead as it will help you to judge what is the best move to make. The moves you make are important because you will soon be apart of this traffic you see ahead.

Driving a real car is much like driving the “Car of Life“. Your past is traffic behind you, it has made you the driver you are, your good/bad habits and strengths/weaknesses are the result of previous experience.

But you need them for this moment as you are reading these words, for they will help you to understand what moves your current driving abilities can allow you to make, this is being aware of your car.

Then we need towards the future, the traffic ahead…we know we will be there soon what would that traffic/future look like if we just drive in the fashion we are used too, and what would we ideally want it to look like. If we could change it, how would we change it!

Wait, stop…just pause here…You can change it,


Use the past to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Use the present to be grounded in understanding what you have learned from the past and how to apply it to the future.

Use the future, to visualize yourself in the situation you desire, how would it feel, what would be better.

Use the past, present, and future to make the right decisions now! Your future is bright, you can do it, be great…Level up : )


Please respond in the comments section with any thoughts or questions.


6 thoughts on “What is Self Development

  1. Abram Mikhailov

    i like you example of car to life. i wish i saw your website years ago not too late to start self development right?

    1. Danny

      Right!!, Now is a perfect time…Thank’s Abram for reading and being a part of the Level up Community. I’m always looking for new content ideas, If you have any suggestions about future articles please share, and I will do my best to accommodate.


  2. Norman

    It is so important when it comes to self-development if we are to have success. There are a lot of books and CDs that are out their that can help anyone to change their lives and become more productive.Your post is well detailed and has tons of good information that will be a good help to your readers.

    1. Danny

      Thanks Norman,

      Yep, that’s true the information to develop your self is everywhere we look. That’s why they call it self help it’s like a free buffet of knowledge, help yourself!


  3. True that. Nice post. You explained a lot with just a simple example.
    Sometimes, we also require a personality development teacher or an expert driver to become a great driver of life. This expert teaches us very small tricks that help us know our strengths and weaknesses and steer us through the traffic easily.

    1. Danny

      Thanks for reading my post, I aim to help in anyway I can. Finding simple and easy ways to solve the problems we make complex is my goal. We all need a little help via family, friends or mentors, we cannot always see the correct paths on our own so I think this is a key point!

      Thanks again & Levelup

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