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Welcome to Level up!

I hope that you find the information in this site helpful. If you can apply what you learn here to your life, I am sure that you will grow and become a better you. You have taken the first step by searching for information and answers, most people fail because they are unwilling to take the first step and even more fall into the pit of complacency because they fail after taking that first step. I know firsthand as I have fallen many times but unlike the people stuck in the pit of complacency and normality I have found the ladder out of the pit. It’s not always easy to find but it resides in the most obvious place of all… Your heart, your will, your never give up spirit.

You are your most valuable asset, so we must increase that assets capabilities by investing in ourselves… Level Up!!!

Who am I?

Hi I’m Danny I am a man in my early 30s who like you is in search of improvement and being better. I am a cancer survivor so I have dealt with; depression, feeling incompetent, unworthy, underprivileged, and I just felt like I had been dealt a bad hand at the poker table… I could not win, I could not succeed, I was a victim. I kept that attitude for a long time, I felt sorry for myself and I felt that everyone else should feel sorry for me too. After a long stint of self loathing and depression, I saw the light… It was me! The light was inside me, I am my own light, I am talented, I am competent, worthy, and I am privileged as I know that I was not dealt a bad hand. The glass had become half full instead of half empty, my hardships had given me the opportunity to grow and build character. I had changed my perception. In investing in myself I made the light inside myself become brighter I was proud to be myself. Even with feeling a little better about myself I knew that I was not happy with my current situation so I began to ask myself: “Danny, what are you going to do about it?” I challenge you to ask yourself the same question with your name in place of mine of course! I decided to Level up!


Why do I want to help?

I want to help you “Level up” because it makes my growth just that much sweeter! I can learn, grow, and help others simultaneously. I have always told myself that I would like to write a book at some point, and maybe this is it. That need to share my thoughts in a creative and productive can be satisfied in the words of this site.

People of all variations have the need to improve. Most people never reach their full potential, and miss out on opportunities they would have been better equipped to take advantage of if they were just a little closer to their best self, if they had taken the time to level up!

I want to help, I do not know everything, but I am willing to share the knowledge I have acquired. This site is meant to help people who are interested in being a better version of their selves via Leveling up!

Do you want to be better with money, organization, nutrition, making friends, or just want to be more confident?

I do!

Let’s do it together, Let’s…you guessed it!…Let’s Level Up!!

All the best,




4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Danny,

    This is very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your personal experience and I look forward to leveling up with you(;


    1. Danny

      Awesome, Eric thank you for taking the time to comment. Level up! And again thanks.

  2. Melissa Nguyen

    Hi Danny,

    I found you on Google when searching for self development information for my class. I think you have great content here and I look forward to learning more.


    1. Danny

      Thanks for reading Mel and sorry for the late response,

      What post/s did you find most helpful and what class are you working on?

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