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My Wealthy Affillite Exprience

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As you all know my name is Danny, I am the only writer at this point for Levelupdot.com. And, I use Wealthy Affiliate as my web hosting provider.

I have always wanted to write a book or give something inspirational to the public, and a friend of mine stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and had been using it for over 6 months before intruducing me to it.

I always wanted to start a website but I had no idea how to go about getting one. My thought was that you had to know coding and HTML in order to make your own website…Not true!

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the easiest and most cost effective way of getting your website up and running, I will tel you why!

But, first let’s talk about what the heck Wealthy Affiliate is in the first place…

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What is Wealthy Affiliate

  1. It’s place to learn how to get your website started, they have over 60 training courses that include text, pictures, and video to guide you through every step of the process.
  2. They offer web hosting, training,keyword research tools, and access to a community that knows it’s stuff. If you have any questions about a specific topic or want to know how to do something the community can help you with real time chat and messaging all within your website/free members portal.
  3. It’s a community of people from all walks of life with a common focus, all age groups from 18-87 are represented within the community, and members of all skill levels are using Wealthy Affiliate to improve their lives.
  4. It’s a place for people to work that may otherwise not have access to work, a person who is unable to leave the house for work would be able to make a living with Wealthy Affillate without issue. It can be a viable main source of income if the proper work is applied, remember that friend of mine? He is making over $1,000 a month and he has had his website for less than a year.

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Free Web Hosting Platform

They offer free web-hosting for two free sub-domain names (2-Free-websites) if you would like to expand you can opt for the paid membership as I have and get access to more conveinient features to help you grow your personal blog/website for your brick and mortar store front. There web-hosting service is super fast with really quick load times all built on a “WORDPRESS” foundation. Your site will be optimized for all devices…desktop/cellphone(Apple & Android)/tablet…what ever device your readers use, it will be a seamless experience. They constantly do automatic updates for all the tricky stuff that I honestly don’t understand (reason why I need a web-hosting service). They also alert you to any new or helpful plugins that will help you to optimize your sites performance.

You Get A Domain Name

You will get 2 domain names

Before setting up my site with the help of the video tutorials, I had no idea what a domain name was. No problem, you don’t need to know all the termenology. There are step by step tutorials and real live people within the Wealthy Affililiate community, happy help you with understanding the ends and outs of creating and managing your site.

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Wealthy Affilitates all-in-one-SEO system let’s you create and edit blog posts and pages, while offerings a semi-automated SEO system. So what is SEO? You ask? Well it is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. If you have a page you probably would want to have people reading you what you have just created. They have to find your site to read it, and to find it they would look for you via a search engine like Google. And, SEO is making sure that Google and other search engines are optimized to give the people looking for the information access to your information and site! Wealthy Affiliate  gives you access to all of this in a package that is easy to use and FREE.

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Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate has a Free to use Keyword-Research-Tool called Jaxxy, which is a big factor for SEO…If you are writing about cooking but your keyword phrase and title of your blog/post is “I love Golf”

It would be hard for people to find your page/blog if your keywords don’t refrence the type of content you have.

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Generate Income

Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make money online. If you want to create an online business with affiliate marketing, or promote and sell a product you already have this is the place.


One thought on “Wealthy Affilliate Review

  1. Alexander

    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate premium member for about 3 weeks now and I keep getting great surprises…

    Like free included SSL with the web hosting that makes my site show up as secure.

    Like the included site speed feature that just got upgraded with an Extreme mode.

    I really enjoy blogging on my Christianity website and I’m just now starting to get some click-thrus from Google.

    Wealthy Affiliate really is the all-inclusive answer to having a monetized web site that everyone with some time to put in some work should definitely try.

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