Personal Development Goal Examples-Continuous Self Development Is The Key To Real Growth

Personal Development Goal Examples-Continuous Self Development Is The Key To Real Growth

Learning Never Stops!

Yes, it never stops, life gives us countless opportunities to learn and grow. The good times, the bad times, the peaks, and the valleys are all opportunities to learn.

When we learn something, the second step is to apply the knowledge in a manner that helps us grow. I don’t have all the answers, and anyone who tells you they do is a lair.

“I know that I know nothing”, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”

The philosophy of Socrates teaches us, the wise person understands that they know nothing, and continuously searches for the truth. But, I believe the truth is has a lot to do with your perception of what is true, and what is not.
Even knowing what we know!

Can sometimes keep us from learning new things because we are so wrapped up in what we think we understand.
Keeping that in mind let’s look at some Personal Development Goal Examples to learn more about improving ourselves…

Personal Development Goal Examples-Continuous Self Development Is The Key To Real Growth


Personal Development Goal Examples


*Build Self Confidence:

Build up your self-confidence. Confidence and success go hand in hand, as your confidence grows in yourself so will your rate of success in personal health, relationships, as well as professional success in your career.

Self-confidence is something that is purely of your own construction mentally, we have to make the internal decision to be proud of who we are.

And, if we are not proud of the person we see in the mirror, find ways to become happy with who we are.

Success is not given, it is taken by grasping opportunity. Take this opportunity, improving your self-confidence is a huge foundational opportunity to succeed/Levelup!

If we don’t believe in ourselves first, who will?

>>>>>Learn How To Build Self Confidence Here<<<<<


*Improve Your Body Language:

Do you walk with your head down looking at the ground, are your shoulders angled down, would you say your frowning more than your smiling throughout the day?

We all have a bad day, but we need to constantly remind ourselves that things change so let’s look forward to the good. Find something to be happy or laugh about, that will take that frown off your face.

You cannot look forward if your head is down, lift it up and be looking for the good things to come.

Roll those shoulders back, be a little boastful about yourself for a change, stand up straight because you are worthy of all the good things to come.


How it helps

-It helps you to convey your message more effectively and makes what you say have more weight.

-It communicates your confidence in yourself and your ability to get things done.

-Proper posture can improve your leadership skills and all around performance.


*Learn To Be Relatable & Get Along With As Many Of The People Around You As Possible:

Some people are just impossible to get along with, it doesn’t matter what you say to complement them or offer them, they won’t come around.

Don’t be like that guy, be the opposite of that one person you see at work or at social settings. Do care about other peoples interest, do compliment them on something you genuinely notice about them or just something they are wearing.

Personal Development Goal Examples-Continuous Self Development Is The Key To Real Growth


You never know when you’re going to need help from that person you never paid any attention to, it’s also just a nice thing to do. And, the best part is when we are relatable and kind to others, you most times don’t even have to ask for help.

They will volunteer their talents and time to help you achieve your goal. Let me address this now; no this is not manipulating people it is only being smart and kind.

People like being around people that make them feel good about themselves and show interest in what they deem important. It’s just about treating people well, and making friends…easy right?



This one is in all capital letters for a reason, for me this is was a hard one to overcome. When we procrastinate, we defer the satisfaction that comes from accomplishment.

And, allow all these things on our “TO DO LIST” to pile up and become lost in the shuffle. Spend more time doing! Don’t just look at the people around you, do something that would make it easier. What do you want?…Make it happen!

Tip: this topic is in quotes above for a reason, to snap myself out of a cycle of procrastination I did the following and it worked.

I bought a small whiteboard and hung it in my room, in a place where I would see it as soon as I wake up. I wrote on it “DON’T BE A PROCRASTINATOR”, I woke up every morning and saw what I wrote to myself and I said it out loud to myself, “DON’T BE A PROCRASTINATOR”.

And, this works with anything! Writing it makes it real, seeing it first thing in the morning lets the start of your day begin with the right perspective, speaking it aloud puts let’s you declare it to the world.

Now you have to do it LOL!

Try it and tell me in the comments if it worked or not.


*Wake Up Earlier:

Let’s do the math, for if we just wake up 30min earlier every day…

OK so… 30min a day X 7days (1 Week) = 3 1/2 Hours a Week more to learn and experience life.

3.5 hours X 4 (# of weeks in a typical month) = 14 hours which is more than half a day to be more productive and get ahead.

14 hours X 12 (#of months in a year) = 168hours

And 168hours/24 hours (hours in a day) = 7 days!

Waking up 30 min earlier every day would add an extra week to every year!
Anyone can do 30 minutes right, but Let’s say I’m ambitious and I can wake up 1hour earlier every day for a year; that’s 2 weeks a year extra to live and improve.

And let’s say I’m consistent and I can do this for 4 years in a row, 4 X 2 weeks = 8 weeks or 2 MONTHS!


“WHAT THE HECK!!! 2 MONTHS?!!” you say? yes, it’s true, I did all the math above,

and no…its, not magic, it’s math and a little self-discipline! The kids face below describes it all!

Personal Development Goal Examples-Continuous Self Development Is The Key To Real Growth


*Be A Problem Solver:

If, you’re not a part of the solution you’re a part of the problem. Problems exist in many forms, the longer we let them linger, the more off track and distracted we are from our goals.

The first part of solving a problem is making sure all parties involved first agree that a problem exists. Now we agree the problem exists, so we have some choices to make.

We can complain for a long time about the issue, but that’s not productive we might have already solved the problem already in the time we spent complaining about it.

Or, we can say “well it’s not my fault, I can’t do anything about it”, which is a lie we sometimes tell ourselves to back down from a problem.

Or, we can ask the question, what could I have done differently to make the outcome different? learn from that and use it to deactivate the bomb before it blows up. A lot of times just a simple apology before things get out of hand works too!

A lot of these things sound easy to do right? They are easy things we can do to further our personal development. But don’t feel pressured to do to them all at once, instead just work on one or two at a time.These are all things that are very simple and most just neglect to pay attention to these small changes to make. But, when brought together they can be a great boost to your personal development.


Thank you for reading,

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3 thoughts on “Personal Development Goal Examples-Continuous Self Development Is The Key To Real Growth

  1. Hi Danny,

    Another well written article! This is the kind advice we should all take to heart because I truly believe in Self Confidence being the first step to bettering yourself.

    It correlates with everything we do in our daily lives. I’ve seen potential in lots of people, but because they lack self confidence, they weren’t able to impact others the way they could’ve if they had more confidence.


    1. Danny

      Thanks Eric,

      The foundation of the house is what I am trying to help my readers build, and the great thing about it is when do research for my blogs I get to add to what I think I already know lol


  2. David

    Very good article! A lot of good information here. It’s a shame that so many people don’t develop their full potential because of the script that they have running in their head that says their not good enough, or that they will fail. You have a really good technique with writing on a white board. Visualizing, and vocalizing affirmations everyday is a great way to manifest them into your life. I always look forward to your posts!

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