How to Build Self Confidence

How to Build Self Confidence

Everyone wants to be confident, but sometimes it is not so easy, that is a fact. Many people are not able to complete tasks, meet the goals they have set, or meet the expectations ions others have for them. Maybe they do not have the drive? maybe they just don’t have what it takes? In this article, you will discover how to build self confidence.

I don’t think any of the latter is true. People who are passionate about something have passion, which equates to drive, and everyone has what it takes, it just takes some people a little more time and effort to get to the finish line than others and that is OK!

When someone tells us they graduated from college, or that they climbed Mt. Everest, no one asks “oh well how long did it take you”?, no they just say “Wow”! or “Great, congratulations”. So just keep looking forward and stepping forward the finish line is just ahead!

Why is someone confident?

Most people that seem to be confident in a certain situation, are that way because they have encountered this situation before and know what they need to do to be the winner or successful in it.

And, there are also a lot of people who are confident in the same situation, but they have not encountered the situation previously.

Why are they confident? I will tell you the secrete, they don’t want you to know but they are faking it. Have you ever heard the term “fake it, until you make it”?

How to Build Self Confidence

The secret revealed!

If you don’t know how to build self confidence, here are two ways to be more confident in any situation. You can just fake being confident by copying the body movements and attitudes of people who you think are confident in what they do. It will be painful at first because some people will catch that you are not confident, but it’s OK we all start somewhere and if you never start then you will never finish! It will a little painful at first “no pain, no gain”, but don’t worry the uncertainty and questioning of yourself will go away.

At some point, you will be doing this thing that you aim to do confidently, and you will see that you are no longer faking it, you have now made it! And, you will be so proud of yourself, you will look back at the times of faking it, and remember the pain it took to gain the confidence you now have, and I am sure you will tell yourself that it was worth it.

 Confidence is courage

If you can muster the courage to not be afraid of failure, and to just deal with a little pain you can attain the confidence you desire. Be courageous, in knowing that failure only exists for those who give up. “But you are not the type that gives up”, you have to tell your self that, say it to yourself every day and soon it will be the truth. And guess what, failure is the path to success, just look at every shortcoming as an opportunity to improve and be better the next time, You can learn how to build self confidence.


 Confidence is yours

You have “FAKED IT” and all through that time, you have learned while practicing how to be confident, The speech patterns, the body language, the way to dress… Now you have “MADE IT” confidence is yours now!

How to build self confidence

So the next time you desire to be confident in something, you can look back on this situation and remember how courageous you were, and how you fought to get where you wanted to be! This is an experience that will make that next Mt. Everest just that much easier to climb because you have climbed a mountain like this before…put it into action…Level up!


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6 thoughts on “How to Build Self Confidence

  1. Cesar Sanchez


    The picture is really funny! Thank you for your tips to build self confidence.


    1. Danny

      Hahahaha, Thanks it makes me laugh every time I see it. All of this stuff can get a little too serious sometimes, so I try to break it up a bit with a little humor. Please continue to ask any questions, or comment freely. Your support is greatly appreciated.


  2. H. Erin Nelson

    Hi Danny! I love your blog post on building confidence! I have always seen myself as being confident. It is the only way to succeed in many cases. Striving for what you believe in and knowing that you’ll get there is a sure way to succeed. People with lack of confidence need to build up their self-esteem and gain a greater sense of stability. We can also make others more confident with smiles and words of encouragement and praise. Thank you for all the insight your site gave me. Continued success to you!

    1. Danny

      Thanks for the comment Erin, I’m happy you enjoyed the information on the site. I agree with you that believing in yourself and being persistent helps a lot. A good smile and attitude can take you a long way as well. I hope to help anyone who is looking to build up their confidence…

      I thank you for taking the time to read my post,
      and being a part of the Levelup community

  3. Taq'uee Hicks

    Everyone wants to be confident, but sometimes it is not so easy but thats why we have loved ones. People who are passionate about something have passion in a specific hobby or item or object. I also believe that in due time,When someone tells us they graduated from college, or that they climbed Mt. Everest, no one asks “oh well where did you get the confidence level from?

    1. Danny

      Most definitely, family and friends are our most valuable assets.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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