Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?


Happy or mad, glad or sad, satisfied or dissatisfied, disadvantaged or blessed, opportunity to learn or failure… You choose! Is the glass half full or half empty?…You choose!

Don’t take what has been written above as a joke because you do choose, your emotions and state of mind are a choice, not some immovable object in the way of your progress. Don’t allow the way you look at things to become your stumbling block.

Do you want to be uninspired, do you want to feel like you have no hope or that the goal is just an impossible one to achieve… I do not, so I choose to see the glass as half full.

Every one wants to feel like they have something to be proud of and inspired by. And, do not allow bad vibes and the “I can’t” attitude to become apart of your mindset, all you must do is look a little harder at that glass.


A Few Questions To Help Us Reflect

If you believe your glass is half full then okay, let’s start there and look a little harder at it and ask ourselves some questions;

1. Why do I feel the glass is half empty? (Be specific)

2. How have these things effected you, positively or negatively?

3. If the answer was negatively, then ask your self if you are okay with it remaining a negative experience? (Yes or No)

4. If the answer is NO, and you are tired of this experience being a negative one please keep reading and I will attempt to help.

If you have read my bio, you know that I am a cancer survivor. I have, and still deal with depression all the time. I am not on the verge of a break down because of it, and it has not been the easiest thing to deal with…BUT!



OKAY BUT…”But” that’s what I want you to focus on: Regardless of the circumstance there is always a way to turn it around in our favor. Say what it is that has effected you and why it was bad followed by the word “But” and re frame the event.

For Example: I had cancer and it made life hard for me as a kid and teenager, BUT I have learned how to deal with and overcome depression and it has given me the strength to know I can handle what ever else life has show me.

Do you see? I used the thing in the life that I thought was keeping me down, and re framed it into a stair step for advancement.

So keep telling your self okay this happened but,

I learned… Or I am better because…

You can do the same with any situation or major event in your life. Don’t allow an opportunity to grow go unexplored because it hurts too much, it will hurt even more to look back at your life 10 or 15 years later and see that the opportunity has passed. Just think how much you could have grown in the time that has passed.


What Ever It Is Or Was That Happened To You…Say It Out Loud To As Many People As You Can

Start with family at first, until you become comfortable talking about it casually to them…then talk about it with friends and then talk about it with the random person on the street or at work about it.

This is the healing process, let whatever you think is making the glass half empty be known and verbalize it. Then what ever it is will no longer be this big secret that you are carrying on your shoulders.

No matter how horrible you think it is I can guarantee you that someone has dealt with the same or worse. The sooner you can let it go, the sooner you can heal, and the sooner you can grow and become better.

So now we have addressed the issue, we have talked about it and complained about it. So, now that part is out of the way, lets focus on that “silver lining” that “light at the end of the tunnel” that sometimes seems faint and non existent. It is there, it does exist! We just have to look really hard and have faith it exists.


The World Is Full Of Negativity And It’s Easy To Fall In To Its Shadows, But You And I Don’t Have Time For That!

I need to win, I need some light in my life, that is why I have made it a habit to look for the “silver lining” in every situation. I need to be happy, and happy is a state of mind not a situation… So If I can learn to control my mind and my perception then can I control the frame of my situation and how it affects me. So can you!

You are not helpless, you are not stuck! You have the power to turn it all upside down you just need the will to do so.
That same glass you have, and you see as half empty if poured in someone else’s glass may overflow with opportunity or talent or advantage. So why should you allow your self to feel negatively.

Change your perception. Perception is reality.

If you don’t want to feel disadvantaged, then don’t. You have to be sick of feeling sick about what ever has been stopping you. Stop feeling sorry for your self.

Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?


You Are The Only Person Stopping You.

I am serious, do not stop your self. We need all the help we can get but all the help in the world will not do a thing if we are not ready to take the initiative to help ourselves.

Be a fighter! When you look at every thing “good or bad” as something that is vital to you being you, apart of your experience of just being you, then every thing can be positive, a light, or a glass half full.

Your mind is “Your” mind. You do not belong to your thoughts, your thoughts belong to you! Take control, change your perception and become your best you…

Levelup! : )


4 thoughts on “Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

  1. Netta

    Hey Danny:

    It is a truth that being all self-pitiful does make it harder for anyone to feel good about life. You start dragging anchor badly and it’s hard-going.

    Having strategies to pull yourself up when you’re bent on bringing yourself down is always a help.

    Thank you for your motivational post.

    1. Danny

      Yeah, I feel as though I am more productive when I am in a positive mindstate. When you look for that silver lining in every situation and make that a habit, even the most difficult times become more bearable.

      Thanks for your comment

  2. John

    Wow this should be named early morning encouragement… The perceptions, self pity, snapping out of what is not and looking forward what is. Accept who you are and try to make a better you or let me say a bigger you. The article is very encouraging .people need to see this because life happens in different ways. Thank you

    1. Danny

      Thank you for you kind words, we all try to reach the expectations of our family and friends. But like you stated we need to learn how to be our foundational selves first. Then build ourselves up to that “Bigger You”.

      Thanks so much for your input.

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